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 Sei Do Kan Karate

Sei Do Kan Karate is taught at Albany Creek Community Centre. My name is James O’Connor and I invite you to come and learn self defense if you are 6 years of age or older. You are welcome to attend your first two lessons for free. We have students training now that are enjoying the benefits that self defense training brings to everyone that participates in our classes.


Sei Do Kan Self Defense training will make you a much fitter person no matter what age you  are. 


You will gain more self confidence the further you prgress with your self defense training.


You will require some discipline to learn how to properly defend yourself. The training involves thinking and dedication.


To learn how to do anything in life requires doing and practice. Learning self defense techniques is an important skill.

Phone James 0439 790995

If you have any questions regarding training in our Sei Do Kan Self Defense Classes, phone James and he will  be happy to answer any questions you may have. James has been involved with self defense training since 1974. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday in Albany Creek at 5 PM.

Recent Tournaments… 


The honourable Tim Nichols and James Koster at the John Halpin Memorial Tournament 2015